3D Book Scanner Does 250 Pages per Minute, Beat That!

Tuesday, November 27th 2012. | Robot

Scanning probably is not of the highest necessity, even if we live in a world where everything comes nice in digital format. Still, if your daily routine involves great deal of scanning, you’re going to appreciate the 3D Book Scanner. Developed by Japan-based company, Dai Nippon Printing, the machine is claimed to be capable of scanning up to 250 pages per minute. Don’t ever think about breaking that record using your conventional scanner because it will only lead to its wreck.

3D Book Scanner

Dai Nippon Printing shouldn’t be the only party that receives the credit. This is because the machine construction was also masterminded by two professors of University of Tokyo, Masatoshi Ishikawa and Yoshihiro Watanabe. Compared to regular home scanner, the 3D Book Scanner is a lot bulkier. The main cause is its robotic mechanism.

The book that is about to be scanned is placed on a particular holder that look like a torture machine to me.The said robotic mechanism will then immediately flip pages after pages in an unbelievably speed. As the pages are flipped in extremely high speed, two cameras mounted above the book take 3D image of each page accordingly. That said, you will not want to use this machine if your book is kind of old as it will only tear it into pieces.

The 3D Book Scanner comes with special software that helps render the acquired images perfectly. It’s capable of analyzing, combining, even correcting the images on automation. Once processed, the digital files of the age will feature a whopping pixel density of 400ppi. According to the company, the machine will be launched into the market in 2013, yet they still cover the detail about the pricing.

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