3D Video iPhone Binoculars Allow You to Watch 3D Videos on the Go

Thursday, February 28th 2013. | Mobile Phones

You will need a pretty decent home theater system to enjoy watching your favorite videos in 3D. While it’s awesome, there are two major issues that not every people can deal with it. First, it’s awfully expensive. Second, you can’t carry the system anywhere you go. This is what 3D Video iPhone Binoculars aim to bring to a resolve.

3D Movie Viewer for iPhone by donya

On a glance this iPhone add-on does look like a pair of binoculars. However, instead of sporting lenses that allow you to expand your viewing capability, it sports a system that enables you watch 3D videos on the go. To use it, simply mount your iPhone on the provided holster. Its system will process the streamed videos into 3D format in real time. I’m not sure about it, but it looks like it only has support for YouTube videos.

3D Video iPhone Binoculars by Donya

3D Video iPhone Binoculars aren’t a concept. A Japanese online retailer, Donya has made it available for mass consumption. The pricing starts at 2,999 yen or about $32.55. Compatible with iPhone 5 and 4/4S only, you’ve got to do an upgrade if you’re so unlucky that you’re stuck with older models.

They are nice, indeed, but I’ll think twice before buying them. They might be portable but I definitely don’t want my pals to see me using these fancy accessories like a spy maniacs. An alternative would be switching to Android. Two years ago, manufacturers were highly motivated to make a smartphone with 3D capability. HTC Evo 3D is one of them.

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