4D Sportsground Rotates to Change the Game Field

Friday, March 15th 2013. | Sports

Normally, if an owner of a sport venue wants his place to be used for playing both soccer and basketball, he has to invest more of his hard earned dollars to buy some more space. While that way of solving is alright, it’s not really efficient for good reasons. First, space is not something you can buy for cheap. Second, when winter strikes, all that space will be rendered useless. Nobody wants to play basketball in a cold and chilling winter, anyway, which means no income for the owner.

4D Sportsground

A couple of design firms based on Netherlands called Sublean and InnosportNL seem to have a better solution, relying on what they term as 4D Sportsground. Unlike most artificial sports field, this one rotates to reveal yet another ground to play another game. This is achieved by installing a set of mechanical prismatic panels covered by different materials to address different sports.

4D Sportsground features rotating surface to support multiple uses

One side is topped with artificial turf to please soccer maniacs and one side is layered with multi-sport plastic just like what you find in a basketball court. As for the last side, it is intended as an advertising media (put up some logo company there and you’ve got a huge billboard on the floor) or power source (install lots of solar panels and you’ll generate enough electricity to make your sport venue independent). It’s still on the development but from the video below, the progress seems pretty smooth.

Right now, both companies are on an attempt to build 4D Sportsground on a space provided by one of their sponsors, ProFit, in Eindhoven, Netherlands. According to ProFit, the field should be ready within next few months. At that time, we will eventually see if this robotic floor can cater to enjoyable sport experience.

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