500 Watt Pumpkin Sound System, Expect It to Rot after Three Days (Video)

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Miscellaneous

The title only describes how crazy a person Steve Meade is as he implants full car sound system into three medium size pumpkins. He does all the cravings by himself and inserts the head unit, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofer in to the pumpkin, making it the first 500 watt pumpkin sound system in the world.

500 Watt Pumpkin Sound System

Last year, he only went to the point where he only managed to install a subwoofer in a piece of pumpkin. Now apparently, during the last 12 months he has been nourishing a much crazier plan which comes to sweet banging fruition. Watch the system in action on the video below.

Initially, he was going to install a much more heavyweight equipment. However, he decided to cancel it for noticing that it was too heavy for the pumpkins to handle that they might break into pieces before the system is even activated. Nevertheless, in order to multiply the power, he sealed the woofer and place it on the same chamber.

“Who cares? It’s only gonna last 3 days anyway before it gets bugs and rots away.” said he. Obviously, he is not someone with long and deep thinking but we love the dude.

We’re not sure what he is going to do after the pumpkins rot but we will be more than glad to accept his sleek tools if he chooses to dump them along with the rotten pumpkins. Seriously, they must be worth thousands of dollars. Now we’ll leave you here but make sure you stay tune cause we’re not tired yet exploring the web and get another awesomeness to share!

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