94Fifty Sensor Basketball Helps You Beat Kobe Bryant

Wednesday, March 6th 2013. | Sports

Kobe Bryant might not be the superstar of NBA anymore but he’s far from losing his touch. Heck, you could easily get beaten to your knees if you challenge him on a one-on-one quick match. The story might be different, however, if you have spent considerable time training prior to the play plus if your training is assisted with this 94Fifty Sensor Basketball.

94Fifty Sensor Basketball

If there is one specific ball for geeks, this ball is exactly that thing as it sports up to six built-in sensors. These sensors are meant to keep tabs on your play and to provide a feedback after match. You will hardly need any coach anymore. All the jokes aside, 94Fifty Sensor Basketball does understand in what way you’re lacking. It watches how accurate and quick you shoot the ball, how fast you dribble, how good you do that tricky backspin, and many more. Check out the pitch video demoing this techy ball below!

Feedback can be viewed via the smartphone app that ships for free with the ball. There are four modes you can choose to suit your training: Workout, Quicktraining, Challenge, and Compete. The first two modes are intended for single training. If you train in group, the Compete mode is the right setting for you as it enables the app to extract data from up to four different players. Challenge mode is recommended if you want to compare your skill with another player.

With its built-in rechargeable battery, 94Fifty Sensor Basketball can stay functional for eight hours before demanding for charge using the Qi Wireless Charger. Expect it to launch at Kickstarter.

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