Adjustable Advantage, Raising Up Your Toilet Sensation.

Tuesday, August 30th 2011. | Miscellaneous

Toilet activities is an important one, we do it everyday, so that comfortability is a serious aspect. Unfortunately, our design of toilet seat is distinctively standard, which mean it is accomodate limited flexibility for people with special needs.

Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat

Please welcome for adjustable advantage, an innovation on toilet seat extension. This product is giving us an extra option to adjust the toilet seat. With double wing which can expanded 6″ each, this product can provide comfortability on toilet experience for people with big body, pregnant woman, or people with nerve problems. ore about this product, is focused on the strenght, the developer claimed if the product can hold the load up to 1000lbs. Not only comfortability, but also the health effect is inspiring this product development, this product can assure proper position for your toilet activity yet help your blood circulation flows well.