Agent Smartwatches Are Blessed with Two Processors

Friday, May 24th 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Pebble Smartwatches finally made its way to shipping after the creator for some typical reasons had delayed it for such a long time, angering those who preordered it. For those of you who don’t have the chance to grab it, Agent Smartwatches might look like a sound alternative. Claimed to be the smartest watch ever, they feature two different CPUs under the hood.

Agent Smartwatch : The World's Smartest Watch

Before you get your mind twisted, I want you to keep in mind that processor isn’t the same with core. Core is only a part of processor. One CPU can sport two to four cores on the same board, so if each CPU inside Agent Smartwatches has two cores, then there are four different cores that work hand-in-hand to support the devices.

Agent Smartwatch Wireless Charging

“What’s with the two CPUs?” Good question! I also wondered myself why the makers don’t just squeeze in a quad-core CPU if it’s tremendous power that they want to achieve. However, it turns out that each processor is tasked with different responsibility. One is designed to handle resource demanding tasks and the other is set to take care of lightweight job like managing the background tasks. The makers claim that with such arrangement, power efficiency can be kicked up a notch.

Agent Smartwatches are live now at Kickstarter and below is the pitch video!

By the way, they’re not all about twin CPUs, though. The watches also bring forth Sharp Memory Display which is a blend of e-ink black-and-white screen and common LCD. In addition, it offers the convenience of wireless charging that can be done with any Qi standard. Agent Smartwatches are expected to retail this year at $249 but for the early birds, you can get it for $129 through Kickstarter. Are you in?

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