Airblow 2050 Takes Away the Canopy of Old Umbrella

Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Fashion & Styles, Miscellaneous

There are some basic utilities around us whose nature makes it rather impossible for us to modify it; umbrella for example. Sure, the design might change a little but its fundamental elements – the canopy and the rod – will always be apparent. How are you going to call an umbrella without a shaft or canopy, after all? But there is, indeed, one designer who tries to step out of this generalization, making an umbrella which has no fabric canopy.

Airblow 2050 : umbrella with no fabric canopy

Called Airblow 2050, Quentin Debaene makes this canopy-less umbrella concept as a part of his study assignment. The idea is using Dyson’s digital motor capable of sucking out air and blowing it up backward to create an invisible canopy made of air. Since the motor is and the whole mechanism is built into the shaft, its size is relatively bigger than any common umbrellas rods.

Airblow 2050 : elegant and clean umbrella

As soon as the said motor is activated, it will draw in the air from the bottom of the rod. Once done, it will fire it up backward from the other end preventing the pouring raindrops from ever touching you. Both activities happen almost with no notable interval. With Airblow 2050, Debaene expects that no one will have to experience flipped out canopy due to strong wind any more.

Airblow 2050 : How it Works

Airblow 2050 : Concept Umbrella by Quentin Debaene

Whether Airblow 2050 will work like his expectation or not is still yet to find out because as it stands right now, it’s no more than just a concept. If you think it’s interesting, wait until you see the Eye Stick, a rod for the blind that doesn’t really look like a rod.

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