Airdrop Irrigation System : Turns Air into Water

Wednesday, November 9th 2011. | Miscellaneous

A student from Australia named Edward Linacre win the James Dyson Award 2011 for devices that have been created and the name of the device is Airdrop Irrigation System. In recognition of his victory, he’s won £10,000 to develop his design. £10,000 has also been awarded to his university department to support the development of future projects by other promising students. Wait a minute, So what it is Airdrop Irrigation System ? simple explanation is a device that can turns air into water.

Airdrop Irrigation System Wins 2011 James Dyson AwardBut if you want a long answer about what, how and for what this Airdrop Irrigation System, check the following quote :

The Airdrop irrigation concept is a response to poor agricultural conditions in periods of severe drought. Extensive research into droughts revealed an increase in soil evaporation and trans-evaporation (plant and soil) due to the increasing temperatures. Airdrop Irrigation works to provide a solution to this problem. Moisture is harvested out of the air to irrigate crops by an efficient system that produces large amounts of condensation. A turbine intake drives air underground through a network of piping that rapidly cools the air to the temperature of the soil where it reaches 100% humidity and produces water. The water is then stored in an underground tank and pumped through to the roots of crops via sub surface drip irrigation hosing. The Airdrop system also includes an LCD screen that displays tank water levels, pressure strength, solar battery life and system health.

Edward Linacre's Airdrop Irrigation Systems Wins 2011 James Dyson Award

Good news for everyone isn’t it ? especially for farmers around the world considering that climate change these days do not like it used to be and become unpredictable and not on schedule

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