AirHarp Is an On-Screen Musical Instrument That Makes You Sound like a Genius Geek

Friday, December 21st 2012. | Miscellaneous

Not everyone can be a spectacular guitarist and the same also goes for a harpist. With AirHarp, however, you can still act cool even when you don’t really know what you’re playing. The name refers to an on-screen musical instrument with completely adjustable digital strings that somehow remind us to a real harp.


Given that it’s an on-screen digitized device, you may think that it’s playable on touchscreen only. However, the fact is much more awesome than that. You can enjoy it on any screen you want since it utilizes the similar motion sensor technology applied on Samsung Smart TV and Leap Motion. The only difference is that such functionality is integrated with the app, so you don’t need any additional accessories or special LCD screens to get your hands on it.

Currently, AirHarp is still on its early development but the developer, Adam Somers, has uploaded a demo video on YouTube. Watch him playing his “harp” elusively even when he’s not much of a harpist.

The notes created by each of the strings are exactly the same as those on a real harp. Players are allowed to configure how many strings they want to display on the screen. Best of all, it supports any fingers or objects moving in front of the screen. So, in case your ten fingers are not sufficient to make you a good harpist, you can always borrow your friends’.

Somers developed AirHarp after he spent his weekend with the program underlying Leap Motion. That said, you can bet that the real thing, Leap Motion, will be much more wicked once it launches.

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