Airwiting Glove Is the Latest Toy for German Computer Dudes

Wednesday, March 6th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Typing on a cramped and un-tactile touchscreen is never an enjoyable experience. While it can be easily solved using a Bluetooth portable keyboard, such a solution is not nearly neat as most geeks, like us, want. With this regard, a group of German computer scientists have developed an Airwriting glove. As exciting as it sounds, this glove enables the user to write email or message in the air.

KIT air writing glove system

Specifically, Airwriting glove is the project of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It’s integrated with accelerometers and a gyro sensor which give it the capability to read the users’ hand gestures. In order to tell whether the users are actually writing in the air, not just randomly waving their hands, it’s accompanied by pattern recognition software.

If gestures are recognized, the software then attempts to convert it to digital texts and they will be immediately displayed on the screen. The developer team says that since the program runs based on statistical models, it can address various styles of airwriting. You heard it right; it’s not handwriting anymore. If the users somehow have the habit of writing in all capital letters, the software can assist them even further as it’s capable of recognizing, more or less, 8,000 words and sentences.

The percentage of misinterpreting is 11% which is quite impressive given that it’s still a prototype. Compared to Fujitsu Invisible Keyboard, it sounds a lot easier to use.Still, the team isn’t very happy with the result. They have planned to build the said sensors to an armband, just like Myo. If this goes through, not only will it revolutionize how we use touchscreen devices but also wearable computers alike such as HC1 Headset Computer and Google Project Glass.

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