Amendment II Ballistic Backpack Acts like Bulletproof Vest

Monday, December 24th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

There is no denying that the number of shootings done by some desperate maniacs or mad psychopath is on the increase. The latest one happened in Connecticut just a week ago. For this, it’s natural for parents out there to worry about their kids’ safety given that most of such an incident takes place in school. Looking to bring some peace of mind to these worried parents, Amendment II designs Ballistic Backpack which features bullet proof material on its core.

Amendment II Ballistic Backpack

Amendment II itself is not a startup. The Salt Lake City-based company has been involved in the body armor industry for the last few years, so you can expect truly good quality from it. Moreover, reports have it that this bag has been doing extremely well in the market especially after the terrifying Connecticut shooting. Check out the video below!

On a glance, Amendment II Ballistic Backpack looks just like any backpack without any military accent or whatsoever. It’s largely made of the common ordinary polyester. However, its back panel features a special bulletproof material called RynoHide. In collaboration with University of Utah’s Nano Institute, Amendment II developed such a material from usual fabric threads topped by carbon nanotubes. The advantage is it can stay flexible and lightweight while multiplying its protection against particular firepower.

Amendment II Ballistic Backpack RynoHide bulletproof material

Amendment II Ballistic Backpack is offered for $300. For kids, the company has made several models with popular action figures printed on the bag’s body. The company also offers to upgrade your existing bag with the said RynoHide material but it’s still unsure whether it’ll charge you the same bill as if you buy the bag. Don’t you think it’s a little too expensive?

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