Animatronic Asylum Door Prop : Scariest Doors Ever Made

Sunday, October 30th 2011. | Miscellaneous

If you want to make your home unforgettable when Halloween arrives, try to buy The Asylum Door from Pale Night Productions. is quite expensive anyway, but it would be worth when you see the expression of fear on the faces of your friends. Especially if the door is also able to secure your home from thieves, because when thieves want to get out of your house, he would be surprised by what appeared at the door and eventually left the stolen goods and running scared. See the video below to find out what I mean :

Asylum Door Haunted House Animatronic

Looks real and scary isn’t it ? you can buy The Asylum Door for $3,750, Price includes pre-programmed control hardware, solid state video player, monitor, flow control valves, digital sound module, 6 inch x 23 inch mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical and pneumatic connections.

You can also buy a similar door that is no less scary for $ 3.500 and the door is named Axe killer animatronic Door Haunted House  props. See the video below :

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