AOptix Stratus Transforms your iPhone into Mobile Biometric Identifier

Saturday, April 13th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Biometric identification devices, even the portable ones, are commonly huge in size. In certain situations where budget is limited and there is no well-trained human resources, this can be an issue. For that reason, AOptix creates the Stratus, a device that is meant to be paired with your iPhone, giving it the capability of identifying biometric characteristics.

Aoptix Stratus turns the iPhone into a biometric identification device

AOptix Stratus appears as somewhat a very ugly and bulky size. It’s so bulky that you will no longer be able to place your handset to your pocket anymore. However, compared to typical devices, this one is arguably the most portable. In order for it to work, there is an iOS app users have to installed first. And as far as the price is concerned, it may be the most expensive iOS app ever made ($199).

Aoptix Stratus Fingerprint Sensor

Blended with AOptix Stratusare a fingerprint sensor and an iris imaging device. Identifying the iris cannot be done using iPhone’s main camera since the back panel is entirely covered by the protective case. On the opposite, the front display is all open for quick access. Although it only sports two biometric identifiers, the built-in sensors of users’ iPhone will enable it to distinguish one’s facial and voice features. Check out the promotional video below!

To prevent it to eat up users’ iPhone battery, AOptix Stratus comes with its own rechargeable battery. According to the maker, the device can last up to eight hours in a single charge. There is no telling about its retail price but considering how much the app costs, it’s most likely not going to be cheap.

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