APOC Is Your Handheld Radiation Detector

Saturday, February 23rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Unless you’re a mad science professor, I believe you’re not very interested to radioactive stuff. But, what if I tell you that similar to electromagnetic energy, every object has the potential to exude radioactive particles. To make things even more exciting, it’s possible today to detect this radiation without using the humongous Geiger counter. Instead, all you need is this handheld device called APOC, a project by ExcelPhysics.

APOC Mini Radiation Detector by ExcelPhysics

The project began when the founders of ExcelPhysics got excited for learning that any stuff they run into on daily basis can be radioactive. Their intensity, however, is all different and to measure it, they would need an awkwardly large and complex Geiger counter. Not wanting to deal with the compromise, they finally developed an affordable and much easier solution and so this APOC was finally able to see the bright of day. It has been live on Kickstarter already. Jump on the video below to watch their pitch!

Since they’re cool guys, pun intended, they decide to make everything, from the hardware to the software, open source. This way, you can mess up with their tools and might even come up with better device. Rewards for serious backers are various but if you’re short of cash, you can go through the cheapest route which require a pledge of $50. It’ll give you the kit along with the assembling instruction.

APOC Mini Radiation Detector

The advanced model, however, will only be delivered to your doorstep after you agree with a pledge of $150. The working prototype showcased on the video is the second one and they had to go through not less than five iterations before they come to that stage. So, I guess it’s pretty worth it.

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