ARAIG Suit Lets You Feel The Pain of Your Hero in the Game

Friday, June 7th 2013. | Toys & Games

We’ll soon step out of an age where we play console games using only a conventional joystick with all those plain buttons. Some companies have begun offering new type of peripherals that allow us to involve as many senses as possible into the game. Oculus Rift has amazed us with its virtual reality helmet and Smell-O-Vision has unveiled a device that lets you sniff the epic smell of a gun powder.

ARAIG gaming feeback suit

Recently, some developers launched a campaign at Kickstarter for a brand new game contraption called ARAIG. Appeared to be what seems as NASA’s exoskeleton, the suit features a mechanism that can deliver various sensory feedbacks representing the actual feeling of your in-game heros.For your information, ARAIG is a short form that stands for “As Real As It Gets” but more than just a name, the suit sports a really neat tech implementation. Check it out in the pitch video below!

Essentially, there are three primary parts that support its entire function: Decoders, Exoskeleton, and Sim Skin. Any information dealing with what is your hero experiencing in the game is sent to the Exoskeleton by the Decoders. From there, the info will be used to reconstruct the feeling and expose it right to your body. As for the Sim Skin, it’s actually a customized shell for the suit so you can keep looking fashionable while gaming.

Aside from all the pleasure it offers, the makers also claim that ARAIG can help you build some muscle around your fat belly without having to drag yourself on the gym’s floor, thanks to the STIMS. You can secure one unit when it’s ready for shipping with a pledge of $325. Are you taking it?

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