Aroma Lid : Coffee Cup Lid that Can Enhance The Aroma of Your Coffee

Friday, August 12th 2011. | Food & Beverage

Most of us are happy to drink coffee in the glass cup than in a plastic cup, because usually the aroma of coffee will be reduced if taken from a plastic cup, especially if there is a plastic cup lid, the aroma might turn into a plastic smell. that’s what Mint Urban Technologies makes  Aroma Lid.

Aroma Lid : Coffee Lid that Can Enhance The Aroma of Your Coffee

The idea behind MINT’s Aroma Lid is that original coffee taste and smell can be preserved by adding a second lid element to the common coffee lid design; the second element consisting of aromatic material that can enhance, rather than detract, from the original smell.

The primary lid is made from standard food-grade materials, while the secondary lid can be made from a number of special materials to enrich taste. The food-grade, primary lid comes in contact with the coffee, while the secondary lid stays atop the primary lid, avoiding contact with the heated beverage. The use of these premium, new age coffee cup lids will only ensure that that store coffee tastes better as it is now being protected from plastic and enhanced due to special fragrant material.

This exclusive Aroma Lid is only available by invitation only

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