Asahi Kasei Mini RFID Device That Can Stores Your Personal Medical Data

Tuesday, August 9th 2011. | Medical

After we have discussed about VIATAG, RFID-based Technology That Allows You to Pay for Parking Car Without Cash. Now we discuss other gadgets that related with medical but equally based on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology.

Asahi Kasei RFID Device

Japan-based chemical and tech company Asahi Kasei has developed a medical product that uses the FeliCa smart card tech, as this system has been widely adopted by all of Japan’s mobile carriers, several major PC makers (i.e. Sony for their Vaio computers), and other electronics companies.

In an emergency situation, doctors or paramedics can tap FeliCa-equipped equipment against the device to view your medical data, like blood type, date of birth etc. on the screen in seconds. Asahi Kasei says that the entire medical history of patients can be stored. If doctors need to view very large files, for example X-ray images, the device can make access possible by letting users click on links that lead to that data (but stored on external servers).

The Size of the device only 3×3 cm and Asahi Kasei is planning to market it within a year (and priced at $25 a unit). not expensive when compared with the benefits that could possibly save your life.

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