August Smart Lock Gives Some Intelligence to Your Front Door, so They Say

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Household

It’s been a while since I found a startup that counts on its business to a product claimed to change the way we secure our living space. August is a brainchild of designer, Yves Behar, and a technology enthusiast, Jason Johnson. It joins a small crowd of what people coin as smart door lock, along with Lockitron and DoorBot. While in general, there is nothing too significant that sets each of them apart, August has the advantage of a more cutting edge design.

August Smart Lock

Installing August Smart Lock is a piece of cake. So long you have experience with screwing and unscrewing, the process will hardly take an hour. Like its competitors, it’s designed to be mounted onto the door deadbolts. Running on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, all you need to open the door is waving your iPhone near the device. For those living with family members, you’ll appreciate that it can be paired with up to 10 different iPhones.

August Smart Lock by Yves Behar and Jason Johnson

Making use of AA batteries, August Smart Lock remains functional even when the neighborhood suffers from a power outage. Also, no need to worry about the batteries getting completely depleted because when that happens you can still open the door through its original deadbolt key.

According to its makers, August Smart Lock is completely safe as all the communication is encrypted by a similar technology used in banks. A pretty confident and bold claim right there; but if hackers can make Google Wallet look like a child play, how can a technology invented by a startup stop them. Either way, if you think it’s worth it, the company has begun taking preorder for $199.

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