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High Quality Halloween Costumes

Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 You Can’t Miss

Looking for cool Halloween costume ideas 2013 that won’t make people stare at you oddly and say “WTF!”? Well, I bet you be! Halloween is only 3 days ahead and if you still can’t ...
Ziphius Aquatic Drone

Ziphius Aquatic Drone for You to Explore The Ocean Depth without Getting Wet

Underwater view can be surprisingly enchanting for those who never had a chance to take the plunge and dive their nose into the sea. Sadly, not all these people are born to be a professional ...
Grip and Shoot - Bluetooth 4.0 Camera Remote for iPhone 4S

The Grip and Shoot Is a Pistol Grip for Your iPhotography Passion

It is a fact that a trend for iPhotography has undergone serious decline ever since the market is introduced to desktop-friendly 3D printers. However, it doesn’t mean that the interest ...
The Voltmaker kinetic smartphone charger

Voltmakers Charges Your Smartphone while Promoting Muscle Growth

There is really no end on the smartphone charger market. Every now and then, you see some new strange looking devices claimed to charge any mobile gadgets you have without the need ...
Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 : Google Glass

Top 10 Cool Tech Gadgets 2013 You’re Insane for Not Having

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to round up some cool tech gadgets 2013, given that it’s mid-year already. Note that the list I and my editor have made in this post is solely based on ...
iBackpack by Soohun Jung

iBackpack Pairs iPad and iPhone, Helping Cyclists Communicate with Motorists at the Back

It is an irony that the “greenest” road users are the weakest ones. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about cyclists. They never participate with other motorists in polluting the ...
The RoboRoach Cyborg Cockroaches

The RoboRoach Kit Transforms Roaches into Remote-Controlled Cyborgs

As if cockroaches are not creepy enough, some folks grouped in BackyardBrains attempt to develop The RoboRoach Kit that will help transform those walking terrors into a bunch of cyborgs ...
Volvo's autonomous self-parking car

Autonomous Self-Parking Car Concept by Volvo Promises Hassle-Free Car Parking

Learning how to park your car and fit it into a tight space is one of the basic lessons you have to master to get a driving license. However, when you’re kind of hurried, such everyday ...
Office Turntable Kontor Records

Office Turntable Is a Smart Way to Get Your Records Noticed

Attention you artist wannabe! If you’re sick of waiting for a call from your potential label until you eventually realized that your CD is dumped off, I’ve just found a cool trick ...
Sony new emergency radio and battery chargers

Sony Japan Launched New Emergency Radio and Battery Chargers

The Fukushima disaster that struck Japan with all its might two years ago has left the country not only with serious trauma but also major power shortages that takes place on regular ...
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