Auto Mee S Wipes Nasty Smudges Off Your Smartphone

Thursday, February 7th 2013. | Mobile Phones

The last thing you want to see lingering on your iPad’s or iPhone’s display is some nasty smudges mixed with oily fingerprint. They make you look like someone who doesn’t really care with his personal hygiene. A quick wipe-out with some smooth cloth will do but come on, it’s 2013 already. We use robot to do most of the stuff, including this!

Auto Mee S

Meet the Auto Mee S, an autonomous cleaning robot that fits any adults’ hand palm manufactured by a toy company in Japan named Takara Tomy. Remember Samsung’s Smart Tango Corner Clean or LG’s Hom-Bot Square? This cleaning droid looks exactly like the miniature of both robot vacuums. Regardless, it’s completely functional. After each cleaning session, your device will look shiny new.

Takara Tomy Auto Mee S

On its bottom is a set of cleaning pads which rotate while the Auto Mee S is wandering around your device’s screen. It glides smoothly on that premium glass, thanks to the three tiny wheels controlled by a set of built-in sensors which steer the bot back once it has arrived on the edge. According to the company, it’ll take about four minutes to clean a smartphone. As for tablets, the cleaning time doubles.

Auto Mee S by Takara Tomy

I’m not very sure what makes it so long but here it proves that sometimes, the advancement made by our technology can be somewhat slower than manual work. I can clean my iPhone in less than a minute by rubbing it with my shirt sleeve. Still, if you think Auto Mee S is cool enough a toy, you can have it for $17. It’ll be made available starting on March 28th.

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