Automatic Link Gives You “Smart” Driving Experience

Thursday, March 14th 2013. | Mobile Phones, Transportation

Driving smart is not as simple as it sounds. With so many crack head new drivers finding their seat behind the wheel, it’s so easy to get all steamed and before you know it, you push that gas far too recklessly. Luckily, world’s got some creative inventors and engineers like Automatic Labs. To help you drive smart all the time, the company has released a plug-in for your car which can act like your smart assistant; meet the Automatic Link.

Automatic Link iPhone App

Automatic Link

By the way, it comes with an iPhone app which you have to install and connect to the dongle in order for the device to function. As for the features, Automatic Link has loads of them, though it does miss some of the most common ones. For starter, as you’re driving, the app will spit out some wise advices if it finds that you start driving like a fool like pushing the gas pedal way too fast or speeding like a mad man. Your performance will be scored each week and if you really care for that, you might improve your driving skill. The video below walks you through a bunch of its features.

The most important functionality of Automatic Link is apparently still stuck in beta. This is kind of sad considering that with this feature you can get an immediate help as you run into accident. The built-in accelerometer can detect if you experience a nasty crash down the road and will have the system reach local 911 as well as your relatives using your data plan. Other handy features include remembering where you park your car, finding the nearest garage, and also Trip Timeline which seems the most complex of all. Available for preorder, you can buy it on the company’s website for $70.

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