Autonomous Self-Parking Car Concept by Volvo Promises Hassle-Free Car Parking

Monday, June 24th 2013. | Transportation

Learning how to park your car and fit it into a tight space is one of the basic lessons you have to master to get a driving license. However, when you’re kind of hurried, such everyday task can feel quite challenging. Volvo is trying to help by developing an autonomous self-parking car concept. Once this has been realized, all you need to get your car parked neatly is a push of a button.To be specific, you will first need to download the accompanying app and find the desired parking zone. From there, you can simply step out of your car, run the app and tell your car to park by itself.

Volvo's autonomous self-parking car

The system is actually a modified iteration of the existing Volvo’s autonomous technology. As soon as you give the command via your handset, the car will move on its own, looking for an available space in the parking lot. Once found, the system will slot the car in and send you a text message, informing you the details of the location. The latter seems to be unnecessary though, because the app is said to offer a retrieve function as well. Hence, once you’re done with your business, you can again push the button and your car will pick you up. Check out the illustration video below!

There are, of course, hordes of sensors and cameras squeezed into the system as mandatory safety measures; otherwise, your car will bump into anything on its way and you might be picked up by a police car, instead. There is no exact release date mentioned by Volvo but the company claims that its autonomous driving will be available by 2014.

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