B Go Beyond: a Blend of RC Car and Helicopter

Tuesday, May 28th 2013. | Toys & Games

If women cannot live without makeup and fancy shoes, then men cannot live without sleek toys. For me, nothing is sleeker than RC vehicles although 3D printer is also a cool alternative. Speaking of RC toys, there is this PhD student called Witold Mielniczek recently showcased what looks like a blend RC Car and tiny quadrocopter. Dubbed as B Go Beyond, this drone can dash on the ground and fly in case it encounters obstacles too huge to run over.

B go Beyond Quadcopter

Like all quadrocopters, B Go Beyond sports four propellers each of which is mountedon its corner. What makes it different is that the propellers are topped with wheels that allow the drone to glide through the ground regardless its surfaces. Also, it’s equipped with a 720p camera along with a microSD card slot for on-board storage. Originally, Mielniczek aimed to make it compatible with GoPro cameras but since they’re going to be much of burden for the UAV, he decided to include one of his own.

B go Beyond RC Flying Car

Mielniczek has finished the first working prototype and apparently, he’s got problem manufacturing it for it requires quite a large amount of cash. So, he’s currently managing a campaign at Kickstarter and with a pledge of a whopping $320, you can have the fully assembled unit of B Go Beyond; not a cheap toy, indeed. Check out the pitch video below!

In case you have doubt about B Go Beyond, you might need to know that Mielniczek is among engineers who created DARPA HALO UAV. So, he actually knows what he’s doing. If you do preorder it, expect it to arrive at your doorstep sometime in December.

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