Baby Ripley Halloween Costume – Watch Out The Baby! (Video)

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Miscellaneous

Halloween belongs to everyone including your seven months old baby. Well, that is ate least what the creator of the Baby Ripley Halloween costume think. Instead of leaving his daughter with the babysitter, he decides to tag her along having fun with the entire neighborhood, though we’re not sure if the bay is alright to come out at night where the air is chilling.

Baby Ripley Halloween Costume

It is a member of a social networking site, Reddit who goes by the name of rdt156 that designs this huge costume. Inspired by the Power Loader appeared on the classic sci-fi movie, Aliens, he makes the front part of the costume function as a bag where his daughter sits. Seriously, if you do not look at it closely, it looks as if the baby is controlling the whole costume, while it’s actually her daddy who moves. Watch the Baby Ripley on the video below.

Sure, she looks really enjoy it on the pilot dock of the artificial Ripley. Who knows, maybe after Halloween, she might ask her daddy to come out wearing the same epic costume while she becomes the “pilot. However, he’ll be in real trouble when his daughter cries for seeing a bloody vampire lady approaching them. How long do you think he needs to put of this costume and reach the crying baby?

As Halloween is closing in, we’re always happy to see people are getting more creative. Prior to this, we discovered the Pumpktris. And we cannot wait to find cool Halloween related stuff and share it here with you. So, if you don’t mind, we’re going to leave you here and watch out for the Baby Ripley.

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