Backpack Couch, When Backpacker and Designer Meet

Friday, October 26th 2012. | Household

In collaboration with popular furniture designers under the name of Quinze & Milan, Eastpak released a unique backpack couch. As you can see from the pictures, this couch is a weird blending between medium sized sofa and lots of backpacks. You may need this one if you often find your stuff missing. You know it’s annoying to have to locate your remote when you know that your favorite TV program is about to begin.

Backpack Couch by Eastpak

By the way, if you’re not familiar with Eastpak, the company has actually been running the business in making many kinds of backpacks. And talking about backpacks that isn’t likely to be carried around, backpack couch is absolutely the one. You do not think to travel or go out for an outdoor camping with humongous stuff like this, do you?

While the concept may be original, we are doubtful that there will be anyone interested to fetch this backpack couch and place it in their living room. In terms of comfort, we believe there are many other sofas out there which are more comfy and cheaper. While in regards to aesthetics value, well, this couch looks just like a bulky box for sitting with lots of random stuff bulging out of its compartments.

Worse, the compartments are all fixed to the couch itself. You cannot detach it and carry it around like you can with your regular backpack. Still, if you want to create a room with adventurous theme, this might be a great booster for the overall atmosphere. Available in black and red, the backpack couch is currently exclusive at singulier stores. Prior to this, we also had a weird decompression chair that’s got a backpack as well, only it can be inflated like a parachute.

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