Baidu Eye Is Real and Aims to Take on Google Glass

Thursday, April 4th 2013. | Technology

Far from the Chinese soil at the east comes a breeze which brings a figure of futuristic wearable computer called Baidu Eye. Baidu – a search giant which is far more popular than Google in China – is reported develop a gadget that will take on the soon-to-launch Google Glass. But more than this, the story that follows it to the point where it stands now is as interesting as the device itself.

Baidu Eye

A screenshot touting Baidu Eye firstly came up as no more than just an April Fool’s prank. However, after confirming it to the company itself, it hinted that the said wearable was indeed in its initial development. In fact, Sina Tech seems to get some leaked info from Baidu’s internal, though some part of it can’t be proved. According to an article it published recently, Baidu Eye would sport image and voice recognition technology, bone conduction audio, and of course a tiny LCD.

Responding to all of this fuss, Kaiser Kuo confirmed that his company is indeed working on a device whose functionality is similar to that of Google Glass. He stated that Baidu Eye was an internal name for the device in question but he wasn’t sure whether it’d launch with the same name. Several internal tests are being held now and the result will determine where it’ll go.

In other words, though the thing is real, it might not make it seeing the bright of day, depending on the test result. For that reason, Kuo’s company refrains from giving any official announcement for Baidu Eye. If this makes it to the market, Google will definitely have a hard time because as you can expect from a Chinese product, it’ll sport a price tag you can’t refuse.

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