Band-Aid Printer Allows You to Print Bandages of Various Shapes and Colors

Saturday, February 9th 2013. | Medical

Wounds can take place on any parts of your body and sometimes, common bandages just can’t accommodate them. Not to say that their color may look stand out on your skin. If you’re a kid, you might get some sympathy for letting people to see it but now that you’re an adult, people might think like “this guy likes to show off his wound or what?”

Band-Aid Printer Concept

If that’s an issue to you, you’re going to appreciate this Band-Aid Printer. Designed by five inventors – namely Han Like, Ren Mingjun, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng, and Wei Chenjie – grouped under the name of EVENdesign, this special printer is meant to create bandages of various shapes and colors to match the patients’ needs. They claim that it works like quasi-3D printer but as far as the printed results are concerned, I think it’s more suitable if we call this thing like adjustable vinyl cutter.

Band-Aid Printer Concept RedDot Design award by EVENdesign

Like I told you before, not only can it print different shapes of bandages but also different colors as well. This way, you can perfectly blend your bandages with your skin complexion no one will ever think you’re a wound showoff. The rendering images do reveal a compact sized printer but if there is a demand, it won’t be too difficult for the team to port the necessary technology to larger machine.

According to the dev team, the Band-Aid Printer would be a great addition to any hospitals and first aid rooms. However, it needs to step into mass production first because as it stands right now, this device is a mere concept. Thanks to its originality, though, it has received a RedDot award. That should bring some attention from a few manufacturers.

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