Bitplay Bang! Lamp : Fun Ways to Turn On/Off The Desk Lamp (Now Available)

Thursday, November 3rd 2011. | Miscellaneous

Turn on or off the Desk Lamp by pressing the button, pull the rope or by clapping maybe you’ve heard before, but how to turn on or of the desk lamp by shooting with a gun? definitely cool isn’t?

Bang! Gun Lamp : Fun Ways to Turn On/Off The Desk Lamp

That’s what offered by Bang! Lamp, a desk lamp that has a gun-shaped remote control. when you want to turn on or off the lights, all you have to do is take the gun-shaped remote control, took aim and shoot it. and the most exciting of these lights is when you turn it off, the lampshade will tilt, which indicates that it’s been hit.

Bang! Lamp InstructionSee also the silly video below, just in case the picture above is not clear enough for you

I don’t know if there will be a “dechiiinngg” sound like the video above every time we fired a gun ? is quite irritated if you ask me, especially when I want to sleep at night. but hopefully bitplay inc as the creator of Bang! Lamp have thought about it and make the on/off button for sounds and light at certain parts of the lamp, just in case if there are buyers who want the sound of gunfire or maybe the gun is lost.

unfortunately, bang! lamp is available in Japan only and it costs ¥26,000 or about $ 336

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