Barbecan LRD Robotic Security Portal Isolate any Armed Maniacs

Tuesday, January 8th 2013. | Security

The horrible shootings which recently took place in Newtown, Connecticut signifies that our current security system still exposes some loophole from which an armed maniac with strong intention to harm people can cause a really disadvantageous casualty. Worse, the mechanism is so slow that it can potentially cause a nasty long line of people.

Barbecan LRD (Linear-Revolving-Door) robotic security portal

Aiming to resolve this, Barbecan Security Systems has finished designing the LRD (Linear Revolving Door) robotic security portal. Unlike conventional security portal, Barbecan’s LRD can completely seal any armed maniacs, should it detect one. Yet, its revolving mechanism will not slow down the busy flow of the traffic. Check out the soundless animated video below!

Barbecan has reportedly gained legal patent of its LRD robotic security portal and is preparing the first working model. As far as it’s concerned, the new security system is designed like a corridor with two revolving doors mounted on each side of the passageway.

As you approach the corridor, the first door will slide ahead keep blocking your way, so it’s impossible to rush forward. At the same time, the second doo will slide on the opposite way and eventually block the way behind your back. As you’re about to walk out the corridor, however, the first door will slide backward, allowing you to pass and blocking the next person behind you.

Such a mechanism is supported with floor pressure sensors, pretty much like the elevator you see at the mall. On top of that, it still features the same metal detector, so when something fishy is smelled the entire revolving cycle will stop, isolating the suspect within the corridor. It does sound quite promising but we still have to see it in action yet.

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