Barista bot Draws Your Face on Your Coffee

Thursday, March 14th 2013. | Food & Beverage, Robot

Having a heart shape drawing on your morning latte won’t make it any more delicious. This applies to any kinds of resemblance as well. If we talk about the fun thing, however, that should pull a smile on your pal’s or girlfriend’s face. The fun will even get spread up to the whole café if the object drawn on your latte is a complex one, like your face portrait. It was impossible to do that until Hypersonic showcased its Barista bot.

Barista Bot : Robot that makes latte art

It’s not as sleek as TopBrewer. As a matter of fact, Hypersonic’s Barista bot looks like a gigantic robotic arm that only appears on your silliest nightmare of robot domination. In terms of artistic talent, however, there is no machine even human barista that can beat it.

It works by you snapping a picture of your face using a webcam, first. The software will then attempt to convert the image into line drawing. It is this line drawing which then transferred by Barista bot onto the milk foam covering your latte. The end result is nowhere charming and beautiful. In fact, I think it looks more like an abstract drawing. Anyway, you can view it in action in the video below!

Barista bot was devised by Hypersonic in collaboration with Rock Paper Robot, Jamie Zigelbaum, and also Kyle McDonald. It was showcased at SXSW 2013 in Austin, Texas alongside other fancy hardware such as Digitizer by MakerBot. It doesn’t seem to be sold as a commercial product because just like Hypersonic’s representative said, it was only meant as a promotional media for General Electric (GE).

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