Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2013 You Can’t Miss

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Looking for cool Halloween costume ideas 2013 that won’t make people stare at you oddly and say “WTF!”? Well, I bet you be! Halloween is only 3 days ahead and if you still can’t make up your mind dealing with what costumes to wear, the following list should help you.

Most of these Halloween costume ideas 2013 are homemade, so you will probably have to get your hands dirty a little but they’re really worth it. By the way, not all of these costumes and makeups are from 2013 trend. Some of them are taken from previous years but they still work wonder, thanks to their originality. Let’s head down to the business!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

1. Cyclops Dude with Cold Beer

Halloween Costumes For Men

This costume is great if you want to see everybody around you but you don’t want them to see you.

2. Hollow Tummy Costumes

Cool-Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

I don’t get how this funky fella creates the hollow tummy effect but it’s definitely one of the most awesome Halloween costume ideas 2013.

3. Zombie Zipper Costume

Mens Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re OK with nasty zombie stuff, the above makeup is clearly a go-to. Just don’t expect your girlfriend want to kiss you, though.

4. The Mask, Green Goblin, and Zombie

Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

I don’t know this guy personally but I’m pretty sure he is a big fan of The Mask, Green Goblin, and big mouthed zombie.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

1. Creepy Doll Full of Stitches

Halloween Costumes For Women

Are you saying she’s gorgeous? I’m saying she’s creepy. Her eyelashes couldn’t be longer. Still, she’s nothing compared to this girl donning hyperflesh baby mask.

2. Baby Alien Bursting Out of Your Chest

Sexy Womens Halloween Costumes

This will tell the guys in your neighborhood that your stuff is actually dangerous, thus, they shall not touch it carelessly.

3. Zombie Mama

Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Women

If you’re pregnant yet don’t want to miss Halloween this year, these simple Halloween costume ideas 2013 should take you in. Want to get more attention? Dress like this zombie mama and her zombie baby!

Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

4. Deadly Female Monster from Hell

Creative Halloween Costumes For Women

I cannot say anything about this one. It’s just so epic, creepy, and deadly. I wish I had her telephone number.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

1. Wall Outlet Girl and Power Jack Guy

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Tell the neighborhood that together, you guys can lighten up the entire world.

2. Lightning Bolt Guy and Burnt Up Poor Lady

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This is what happens if you girls hang out with guys who are just loud and dangerously impulsive. Yes, you’ll get burnt!

3. Zombies Couple

Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

Yeah, I know. They are the same old zombie couples you see lurking around every Halloween. But what is Halloween without zombie couples, right?

4. Boo Couples

Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

I‘m totally speechless about these Halloween costume ideas 2013. I don’t even know what they are trying to imitate. You, guys?

5. Gru and Beautiful Minion

Best Couple Halloween Costumes

Well, I expect to see Gru and Lucy but his minion is OK, especially when she’s quite pretty.

6. Super Mario and Luigi

Cute Halloween Costumes For Couples

I can’t describe how happy Luigi is when he finds that his friend, Mario, is a lovely girl.

7. Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples

Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

I prefer cheese. Where is my cheese? Hey, pass me the cheese please!

8. Ash and Pikachu

Sexy Couple Halloween Costumes

Now I know why Ash never locked Pikachu in his Pokemon ball.

9. Ken and Barbie

Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

The box can’t stop Ken from loving his lovely girlfriend Barbie. I wonder if he can stand not kissing her and destroy the box, though.

10. YouTube Channel

Cute Couple Halloween Costumes

This is the best way to promote your unimportant YouTube channel to local lads. The more girls you kiss, the more subscribers you’ll get.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

1. Mario Riding Yoshi

Halloween Costumes For Kids

If Yoshi could talk, he’d tell the kid Mario that his moustache is a tad too long.

2. Mr. Fredricksen and Balloons

Cheap Halloween Costumes For Kids

Mr. Fredricksen made his premiere in 2009 but no one is going to forget him, even if he dresses up like a cute baby.

3. Jetpack Kid

Homemade Halloween Costumes For Kids

Who says jetpack is impossible to make? If this kid can craft one from scrap papers, why adults can’t?

4. Minions

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

These Halloween costume ideas 2013 are the best way to keep your kid well protected from the chilling air of October.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Group

1. Roller Coaster Rider Costumes

Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Invite your friends to craft this fun looking costumes and on the afternoon of October 31st, you can parade the neighborhood while screaming and hauling your body to right and left like nuts.

2. The Wizard of Oz Family

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Your family might be wicked but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy happiness.

3. Lego Minifigure Costumes

Halloween Costumes For Groups

You will probably have trouble walking in these costumes but you should stay warm inside.

4. Newborn Team Costumes

Halloween Group Costume Ideas

Save the mother, doctor, please! I don’t care about the baby, you can kill him if you want.

5. Mortal Kombat

Group Halloween Costumes Ideas

When would you see a bunch of martial art experts with devil power cheerfully gesture to the camera? Yeah, only on Halloween.

6. The Avengers

College Halloween Costume Ideas

The Black Widow is running away in shame for knowing that The Avengers turning into a bunch of lame dudes who have problem covering themselves.

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Che Guevara T-Shirt

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Instead of wearing Che Guevara T-Shirt like a normal people, you should wear it on your head, replacing the face of the Chilean revolutionary hero with your own trolling face, just like the dude on the picture above.

2. All Faces of KISS Members

Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Feeling nostalgic? Why don’t you bring up all the faces of the KISS band members and paint them up on your face creatively like the girl on the picture?

3. Celebrity Babies

Unique Toddler Halloween Costumes

Those are Angelina Jolie with her drunk baby and the following are Kanye West with his big-headed newborn. All are ugly, indeed.

Unique Infant Halloween Costumes

4. Beheaded Poor Homeless

Creative Halloween Costumes

He’s homeless and completely beheaded. What could be worse? Well, at least, he can still smile to the camera.

5. The Old Man and his Dinosaur

Funny Adult Halloween Costumes

Don’t save him, he looks comfy inside that box.

6. Hulk

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

I can’t stand his wig. Somebody please give him a new wig.

7. Dark Link

Cool Halloween Costume Ideas

You will need a help from professional costplayers to imitate such a perfect look of Dark Link from the Legend of Zelda.

8. Man Anatomy

High Quality Halloween Costumes

This one is a great alternative if you’re bored with the same old skeleton costumes. You’ll feel like wearing stocking all over your body.

So, how are they for your best Halloween party? You can choose to follow the rising trends or step to your own venture of making the most attention-worthy costumes. Whatever you do, you can’t be wrong with these Halloween costume ideas 2013.

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