Beverly Hills Caviar Vending Machine Stocks Nice and Pricey Gourmets

Wednesday, December 5th 2012. | Food & Beverage

Some strange looking vending machines stocking various tasty gourmets are reportedly spotted in a number of malls in Los Angeles. As we dig the news, it turns out that they belong to Beverly Hills Caviar, a gourmet food supplier that has made its name in the industry. Now, if you have buddies who avoid eating foods from vending machine for healthy issues, you can proudly show that they’re way too wrong with this.

Beverly Hills Caviar Vending Machine

It seems to us that building a vending machine that is rather unusual is a growing trend. We’ve seen Pepsi Co with its interactive vending machine that sports a huge LCD display and Wi-Fi enabled. There is also EatWave with its microwave-enabled vending machine that delivers piping hot sandwich for a nice dinner. And we’ve run into Dream Vendor which gives you highly detailed 3D prints; caution, they’re not edible!

Though each of them is unusually unique, none of them can beat Beverly Hills Caviar Vending Machine in terms of the price of the products. Since it sells fresh gourmets, you don’t expect it will only charge you for a few bucks, do you? The most expensive item is said to be the Imperial River Beluga which run shoppers at a staggering $500 per ounce. On top of that, the value of the whole products when the stock is full is believed to be no less than $50,000.

Given how valuable all the goods stored in the Beverly Hills Caviar Vending Machine, a few modifications are made into the machine. In fact, the company is said to hire topnotch engineers to make sure no one can have their hands on the food without paying. It refuses to clearly disclose the information about its security technology, though. Anyhow, if you live in Los Angles and is badly starving, who don’t you check out these machines?

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