Bicycle Generator Made Of Scrap Materials

Wednesday, June 5th 2013. | Miscellaneous

What’s worse than having no access to internet is when you find the electricity to your neighborhood is completely terminated. Even much worse, this happens quite too often recently as the Mother Nature seems to get irritated and sends out more hurricanes to us. When this happens, an expensive large solar panel installation won’t do any good. You need a discrete generator. Better yet, you need one that costs you the whole out of nothing for gasoline; one that can move on your own power. Yes, you need a bicycle generator.

Bicycle Generator by KlockworkKevin

It’s not the coolest device in this age, indeed, and for that reason, no companies are willing to invest on its manufacturing. However, with a little effort on your end, you can put together any scrap materials on your warehouse to build one. A user of Instructables named KlockworkKevin recently published a step-by-step tutorial, showing you how to build a bicycle generator out of unused stuff. Interestingly, the bike is not built into the generator, so you can literally use any bike you have and when the hurricane is gone, you can pull it off and ride it around the neighborhood. Check it out in action on the video below!

Some of the materials are not exactly taken out of unused stuff, actually. Kevin did buy several parts in their fresh and new packaging such as the Deep Cycle Marine Battery and the 400-watt Inverter. But, overall, this project shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Besides, all you need to get this to work is connecting the generator input – which is moved by a pedal made out of wrecked treadmill – to the battery and inverter using a custom made voltage regulator. So, it would probably make up a fun hacking project for you on weekend.

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