Bicymple Is a Bicycle without Chain, Check It Out!

Tuesday, October 16th 2012. | Transportation

Coming out of the Scalyfish Designs home base is Bicymple, a bike which is simplified as they claim. Chain that is an integral part of any bicycles is removed, making the bicycle look more like a concept or prototype that cannot run. However, the thing does run.

Bicymple Is a Bicycle without Chain, Check It Out!

The traditional chained system is replaced with intuitive overdrive hub system. You may think that since the bike loses one of its most important parts, its speed might be reduced significantly; but it does not, according the designer at least. The reason why the chain is removed is that because the designer thinks that it overcomplicates the overall build of the bike. So, getting rid of it is expected to bring more efficiency.

There is also this direct-drive free wheeling hub that gives the bicymple more dynamics. Users can set up the length of the wheelbase per their liking in order to find the best configuration. Additionally, rear-steer mode can be enabled when users run into a steep hill that is not likely going to slide downward soon. Check out the video below to see the Bicymple in action:

Made out of CroMo steel, the bicymple packs quite a weight there but the developer claims that they’re working on its iteration which is made of carbon. That will make this thing as if it flew on the hot road. Still, it’s going to take a while before this thing steps into mass-production stage. However, you can always ask its official website whether you can pre-order the bicymple.

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