Big Belly Is a Trash Bin That Sells for $7,000 and Sends Emails

Friday, May 10th 2013. | Miscellaneous

It doesn’t matter how many city cleaners are employed, there is always the occasion where you walk to a public trash can to dump away some stuff only to find it full and overflowed. Aiming to bring a resolve to such a situation, a US-based company creates Big Belly. No, I’m not talking about that fat container of yours. I’m talking about a smart trash bin of the future that sells for $7,000 a pop and is capable of sending email to the responsible officials.

Bigbelly Solar Powered Smart Trash Cans

Basically, there are two neat features that set Big Belly apart from conventional trash cans. The first one is the integrated solar panel on its lid whose function is to harvest and give the bin some power. The power will be used to compress the garbage inside so it can contain more than what it is supposed to. The next sleek feature is a sensor that keeps tabs on the trash volume. Once it figures out that there is no more room for more trash, the bin will shoot out a brief email to the garbage collectors, telling them that the unit needs emptying.

It’s true that Big Belly isn’t as cheap as the fat contained in your big burger but with the aforementioned functionality, it is expected that governments can increase efficiency and keep the city maintenance budget to a minimum. That way, the huge investment they have to afford in the first place will pay off itself overtime. At least, it has been proved by city of Raleigh. After replacing 32 units of traditional trash cans with only 10 of Big Bellies, the local government managed to cut down the cost from $40,000 to only $1,600. Genius!

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