Bike Tire Pressure System (BTPS) Monitors Your Bike Tires

Wednesday, December 26th 2012. | Transportation

A new project initiated by a Swiss scientist specialized in distinct material production and American electrician is officially launched at Kickstarter. As far as we concern they call the stuff Bike Tire Pressure System (BTPS). What it does basically is monitoring the air pressure in your bicycle’s tires. You may think it’s too much of a blink thing but the developers believe their idea is worth making into fruition.

BTPS Bike Tire Pressure System

The unit comprises of three main parts namely battery, circuit board, and the pressure sensor itself. The latter is made to withstand a certain extent of shock so it can remain functional even when you tag it on your mountain bike. Also, it’s compatible with any kinds of tires. If your bike uses the tubeless ones, you simply need to attach it on the rim tape. If the tires have the usual tube, you have to stick it right on there.

Bike Tire Pressure System (BTPS) Device

The video below walks you through the benefit you can expect when you have Bike Tire Pressure System installed.

In terms of connectivity, BTPS relies on ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0. This makes it compatible with not only your Android/ iOS smartphone but also any smartwatch and other computing devices. The team is looking for your help to finance its production. If you’re willing to pledge $140, you will be given two units of this fancy pressure sensor after the initial manufacturing is accomplished. Still, if you don’t want to be bothered with any air pressure and flat tire issues, the Energy Return Wheel is worth checking.

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