BiKN iPhone Case : Keep Track Your Stuff, Even Your Children With Ease

Friday, November 18th 2011. | Mobile Phones

Forget where you put the keys? I think everyone has experienced it, especially when you are in a hurry. The key that already in the hands, suddenly disappears somewhere. Very frustrating isn’t it? But calm down, soon you will not have to experience it, because Treehouse Labs has announced BiKN iPhone case. So what is the connection an iPhone case with someone who had difficulty finding a key or other items?

BiKN iPhone CaseBiKN pronounced “beacon” is not an ordinary iPhone case, it is a smart case consisting of tags and app that can help you track down anything you want. Yes, I said anything (as long as tags attached), ranging from the keys, pets, purses, even your children. You simply attach a tag on anything that you wish to track (you can attach up to 8 tags), then case will communicate with the tag and the app will visualize their exact location on your iPhone (BiKN app is also available for free and you can download via app store).

There is three modes you can choose to help you find the tag that you attach to an object, the three modes is Find, Leash, and Page Mode. Here is an explanation of each of these modes :

  • Find Mode
    BiKN iPhone Case Find Mode
    in this mode you can find the tag by using a visual display and audio signal meter. for more easily, Ben Coxworth in gizmag exemplifies “like a biologist tracking moose in the woods’
  • Leash Mode
    BiKN iPhone Case Leash Mode
    in this mode you can adjust how much the maximum distance from the tag and your iPhone, once tag exceeds the distance that you specify, an alarm will sound, whether from the case or tag. This mode is perfect when you and your child play in the park, and you do not want your child to wander too far from you.
  • Page Mode
    BiKN iPhone Case Page Mode
    in this mode you can sound an alarm from multiple tags at once, it will be useful when you and your family go to the mall with no cellular service, simply press the button located on the app, that way you tell the members of your family “It’s time to go home! “

Interested and want to get it? The BiKN iPhone Case and tags should be available in December and according to Popular Mechanics, each tag Will cost about $ 10. While for the case, the price has not been announced

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