Biometric Suitcase – Heys BioCase 20″ Biometric Carry-On (Crown Edition)

Tuesday, August 23rd 2011. | Fashion & Styles

After we were talking about wallet that use biometric technology, Now we will discuss about the suitcase that use the same technology called Biometric Suitcase (BioCase)

For you who frequently travels by airplane, how confident you are that your luggage is unloaded the other person when in airplane baggage. even if you have secured the luggage by using a small padlock or combination lock, but are you sure that enough?

Biocase - Biometric Suitcase

That’s why heys luggage corporation make BioCase, a suitcase that requires fingerprint access to the unlock it, making it safer than using a padlock or combination lock.  in addition, a remarkable memory capacity allows the BioCase to store up to 8 fingerprints in memory for 90 days so that will make it easier for other family members to unlock it even if you’re not there. This built-in biometric scanner can also be charged using a power adapter or USB plug.

There are 2 choices of colors, metallic blue and silver. Then how much the price for this BioCase ? The prices for Heys BioCase 20″ is $2,200 and you can buy through their website

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