Biometric Wallet : Nobody Can Open, Except You

Monday, August 22nd 2011. | Fashion & Styles

Do you often lose money in your wallet? and you want no one can open up your wallet than you? if so, then the Biometric Wallet from Dunhill London is the answer.

Biometric Wallet

With the fingerprint system in the front wallet, guaranteed no one can open it except you. in addition, this wallet also comes with Bluetooth which can be connected with your mobile phone and When the phone and your wallet are separated for more than 5 meters apart, an alarm will sound on your phone letting you know that your wallet is missing.

The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber that will resist all but the most concerted effort to open it, while the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

Price for Biometric Wallet from Dunhill London is $ 825 and if you want a wallet similar but with a cheaper price you can buy Biometric Wallet from iWallet with $ 600 price for carbon fiber version and $ 400 for the version of fiber glass

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