Black Hornet Nano Allows British Army to Spy the Ground the Cool Way

Saturday, February 9th 2013. | Miscellaneous

What is the favorite toy of British army? Devastating cannon? Fully automated machine gun that can cough up 300 bullets per second? It could be, but for now my best guess is Black Hornet Nano, a tiny Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) aims to assist the troops observe the ground. This tiny military force is intended to help all British armies assigned in Afghanistan so that they can get a better hold of the situation.

Black Hornet Nano

Measuring at only 4 x 1 inches with weights not more than 16grams, it may look like an insignificant fly to the enemy troops. Even though its size is diminutive, the motor is strong enough to make it stable on the air, even when the winds seem quite strong. As it roams the battle ground from the air, it’s transmitting live video to handy control unit. Sadly, it’s only limited within a distance of half a mile.

Black Hornet Nano

Still, its battery power is quite impressive, though. While most RC helicopter toys can only fly for a few minutes, the Black Hornet Nano can stay on the air for up to 30 minutes with top speed claimed to be 22mph. Controls can be done manually via the control unit or automatically by inputting GPS coordinates to the tiny drone.

The manufacturing is currently being handled by Prox Dynamics AS, a Norway-based company. The contract value is as cool as 20 million pounds and British military expects to receive 160 units of this Black Hornet Nano. Do you think their fate is going to be better with this toy?

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