BLAZE Bike Light Warns Drivers That You Exist

Monday, December 3rd 2012. | Transportation

BLAZE Bike Light is not necessarily new stuff as it was unveiled for the first time in June. Unlike typical lamps for bicycle, it can shoot out a much brighter and clearer laser image onto the street ahead, warning drivers that you’re actually moving on their sides. Designed by Emily Brooke, a design student living in UK, it aims to significantly reduce the number of accidents involving urban cyclists.

BLAZE: The Ultimate Bike Light

Mind you, according to a report in 2011, 79% of cycling accidents are caused by the incapability of car and bus drivers to see the cyclist who moves next to them. As they think the side is clear, they think it’s safe to turn their vehicle to either right or left. When that happens, you as the cyclist will very likely won’t have enough time to pull the break and stop your bike completely.

BLAZE: The Ultimate Bike Light by Emily Brooke

With BLAZE Bike Light, you can tell these drivers that you actually exist and run right next to them, even if they do not see you on their rear view mirrors. The laser image is projected to the road 5m in front of you. The image is bright enough in green and it can even be seen under the bright sun light. Check out the video from the respective Kickstarter page below!

BLAZE Bike Light is powered using 1500mAh rechargeable battery and it’s claimed to last up to 6 hours. To double its span, you can set the device on flash mode. The projected image will look as if it blinked rather than static. It looks nice in aluminum case and will not spoil your experience as it’s neatly mounted on the handle bar. Any takers?
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