Blind Maps Allows the Blinds to Navigate Independently

Monday, February 25th 2013. | Mobile Phones

I believe that a defect is not something that we should be shy for. Instead, it should be something that can make us more confident as with all defects come much better skill on other areas of expertise. The blinds, for example, usually have a very sensitive touch. Even so, living with impaired eyesight is not easy. That’s why designers and inventors are trying to create a device that can help them live more like normal people, such as this Blind Maps.

Blind Maps : iPhone Maps For The Blind

Basically, it’s a Bluetooth enabled iPhone accessory that can translate data provided by a navigation app into braille code. The kind dudes behind this tool are Andrew Spitz, Markus Schmeiduch, and Ruben van der Vleuten. Mind you, they needed hardly 36 hours to sketch the concept of this thing, which is awesome.

Blind Maps for iPhone

Anyway, using it is a pretty straightforward process, thanks to the haptic technology also adopted by le chal haptic shoes. Users have to tell their iPhone which place they want to go and Blind Maps will inquire their default navigation app. The data will be converted into braille made of protuberances from the device. Check out the video below.

Arguably, with Blind Maps and Eye Stick, it’s not impossible for blind people to live a normal urban life like we do. The former will help direct them to the right course while the latter will assist them to get a better hold of the surroundings. Sadly, there is no telling when both concepts will be manufactured for masses.

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