Bodymetric : Scan Your Body to Get The Size Clothes That Fit

Tuesday, October 25th 2011. | Fashion & Styles

When shopping for clothes, how many times you go in and out the dressing room to try on clothes that you have been chosen because of its size does not fit in your body? certainly exhausting and a waste of time right? unless you are obsessed becoming a model and was imagining following a fashion show. but for those who do not like to waste a lot of time choosing the size of shirt or pants that fit, Your suffering has ended, because there is now Bodymetric Body Scanner

Bodymetric : 3D Body ScannerBodymetric is a 3D body scanner that can map the size and shape of a person’s body. You can also save the size and shape of your body online, which means if you want to shop again at another store and there are Bodymetric, you do not need to scan your body again. other than that the results of these scans are also useful for online shopping, so it can reduce the returning items because size does not fit.

If you want to immediately try it, be patient, because at this time only available one Bodymetric Body Scanner is located in New Look, a global clothing retailers, on their newest location in the Westfield Stratford shopping complex, London.

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