Boompack Bag Is Loaded with a Built-in Boombox

Saturday, February 23rd 2013. | Fashion & Styles

Boombox might be a thing of the past and only good for some old school break dancers. Still, if it’s packed on an entirely new design, it’s not impossible for it to draw some attention, like this Boompack bag. On its core, it’s actually a boombox with eight glaring speakers built into a backpack. While it’s not the newest of its kind, it arguably has the most appealing design.

Boompack : Portable Music System

Behind this sleek wearable electronic is a designer named Massimo Battaglia. I’m not sure what prompts him to design this backpack but definitely he’s not on some weekend hacking project. Its look and the entire features obviously tell that he was serious when sketching this thing.


Aside from its eight ways speakers, another feature that’s worth noting from Boompack is the integrated pico projector. With resolution up to 200 lumens, it should be pretty decent to project a visual reinforcement to accompany your step on the dance floor. On its base are a couple of mini stands which allow it to sit independently on a floor or a desktop.

Boompack by Massimo Battaglia

Getting your tune into the playback can be done is a couple of ways. First, you can dock your smartphone on the provided dock station at the back. Alternatively, you can plug in your SD card to the built-in reader or toss your USB flash drive into the port. The rechargeable battery is claimed to be good for 6 hours and the whole construction is made to withstand impact and water exposure.

As with many other things that sound too good to be true, Boompack is merely a concept today. There is no telling whether or when it’ll be mass produced.

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