Bottle Charger Turns a Bottle into a Cell Phone Charger

Saturday, February 23rd 2013. | Mobile Phones

Prompted by the fact that there are far more plastic bottle wastes than world’s society can handle, Nairobi-based designers decided to invent a system that can turn any used bottle into a cell phone charger. You do have to boil some water first, though. So, it’s actually pretty similar to Epiphany onE Puck, although the latter looks a lot more practical, thanks to the compact size.

Bottle Charger

Bottle Charger imitates the work of a Blackbeard Unidirectional Constant Turbine (BUCT), instead of Stirling engine just like Epiphany team does. This miniaturized BUCT can take the advantage of temperature difference from the boiling water and eventually generate electricity from it. The intensity is said to be 5 watt so it might be able to be used to charge a smartphone too, of course, if you can stand the hurdles of setting this up. Check out the video below to know the brief picture of how to use it.

According to the developer, a cup of boiling water can be used to generate electricity enough to juice up your handset in just 15 minutes. You are probably not going to replace your current charger with this but for those who live in underdeveloped country like Kenya and some countries in Africa, Bottle Charger is definitely a helpful invention. Mind you, there are over 200 million people with cell phones in Africa who don’t have access to electricity.

Bottle Charger prototype

The developer is now looking to raise some fund to mass produce this thing through a crowdsourcing platform, Indiegogo. Anyway, if you’re up for another fancy bottle stuff, check out this Re: Sound Bottle.

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