Bounce Imaging Is a Cheap Alternative for Today’s First Responders

Thursday, November 8th 2012. | Camera & Accessories

Driven by strong sense of humanity to help others, Francisco Aguilar invents a device that may change the future of first responders used in highly hostile locations. Bounce Imaging looks just like regular tennis ball except the fact that it is installed with up to six cameras capable of capturing two images per second. It is expected that Aguilar’s invention will be used to replace our today’s custom in regards to sending first responders.

bounce imaging ball and sensor camera

Back then in 2010, Aguilar was somehow touched by the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti. He saw many firefighters, military forces, and other activists endanger their lives exploring fragile wreckages just to locate someone who probably still survived.

With Bounce Imaging, rescue and ambush missions can be carried out much more effectively. Simply toss this super ball into the area which is either difficult or dangerous to reach and make moves only when suspicious activity appears on the monitor. Sure, we can use robot or fiber optic cameras, but they are too complex and costly. Watch the teaser video below!

Using six cameras capable of rapid image capturing, users, on the other end, only need to observe the situation from the complementary device which renders captured images into nice 360-degree view. Furthermore, since it boasts infrared LEDs, even a pitch black should be no problem for Bounce Imaging.

Currently, it is still in the development process. Aguilar still wishes to impregnate it with more features that can take the efficiency into a next level. Anyway, while we’re not sure about it, it seems like Aguilar’s Bounce Imaging of the earlier Panoramic Ball Camera by a German inventor. Check out the link and tell us what you think about it!

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