BowBlade Aims to Make iGamers Healthier Through Archery

Monday, February 4th 2013. | Toys & Games

Sitting on a comfy sofa while playing an epic first-person shooter game on your iPhone is definitely one of the biggest pleasure you can find on this world (if you’re a geek who barely has any life, of course). There is a catch, though, that is by doing that constantly, you’re actually compromising your health. That’s why some developers have come up with weird looking gizmos claimed to make you physically fit while gaming. One of the most recent is BowBlade.


This peripheral was seen for the first time at Macworld’s iWorld Conference among the pile of common iPhone accessories. It’s invented by an experienced chiropractor named Ron Green and claimed to provide medical benefit to users, in addition to realism when playing first-person shooter games. As it stands now, BowBlade only support 35 shooter titles. While, it’s a good start, we’d expected to see a game specifically designed for it.

The way you use it is exactly like how you’d use a hunting bow. You hold the front blade with one hand and pull the rear one with the other while previously mount your iPhone on the provided container. Instead of using real arrow that will inevitably crush your device, the rear blade is connected to a utilitarian stylus. Think of it as the replacement of your finger that will touch the display as soon as you release the rear blade. Check out the video below!

Even though it’s originally made for iPhone, Green claims that BowBlade is also compatible with Android Devices and Nintendo Wii. In fact, he’s working on adding support for most popular consoles today, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. At $185 a pop, will you consider snatching this contraption?

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