Braille Smartphone Issued to Launch This Year

Thursday, April 25th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Mobile technology expands to no end. As long as there is a demand for faster smartphones, we’ll always see new handsets along with thrilling fast processor coming up to the market. But in all this hype, we fail to take into account our unfortunate brothers and sisters who live with disabled eyesight and have never seen how hilarious it is each time those angry birds hit the tricky green pigs.

Braille Smartrphone concept by Sumit Dagar

Luckily, there is always a good guy like Sumit Dagar living among us. If you haven’t known it, he’s attempting to build the world first Braille smartphone for the blind. And if things run well, it’s not impossible for us to see how it’s like before the end of this year. Check out his story on the video below!

In a nutshell, the handset’s touchscreen is designed using haptic technology which allows it to convert all the digitized visuals into readable patterns. To achieve that, Dagar utilizes thousands of complex tiny pins that can move in free motion to represent images and text. Combined with shape-memory alloy technology, those pins can go back to its original position after every representation.

Many parties are involved in the development of this Braille smartphone because as you can guess, it costs a whole lot of money. Big names like Rolex and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi have their share in making the first prototype. Additionally, Dagar is also collaborating with L V Prasad Eye Institute. Although, he’s optimistic that he can deliver it this year, he doesn’t say anything about starting price. Can’t wait to get a hands-on with it, what about you guys?

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