Brave Robotics Unveiled Transforming Robot Car

Friday, November 30th 2012. | Toys & Games

Brave Robotics finally exposed its toy robot to the public and if the news has successfully reached our desk, than you know for sure there is something awesome about it. Unlike most RC toy robots, the Transforming Robot Car can literally converts into an impressive figure of a robot. On top of that, most of its parts are created using a 3D Printer just like Dream Vendor.

brave robotics transforming robot car by kenji ishida

Commonly, people only use 3D printer to create some small plastic utilities or a design that they make out of the blue. So, it’s nice to know that finally someone can prove that you can actually create something that is more functional than ordinary action figure from a 3D Printer.

Scheduled to appear at Maker Fair Tokyo 2012, Brave Robotics Transforming Robot Car has wowed every geek on the blocks, thanks to its seamless transformation. It doesn’t seem to have any awkward movement while converting from vehicle to a standing robot, or vice versa. By the way, it also sports a camera on one of the headlamps, from which you can stream live video on your tablet. Check it out in action in the video below.

Though the developer intends to sell it for the enthusiastic crowds, it doesn’t include any pricing detail with the announcement. In fact, we heard that it will only tell the detailed price info to those who are so extremely interested that they will contact the team by themselves.

What a weird bunch of guys! But again, they’re Japanese. Though most of them are cool, I cannot disagree when someone tells they’re unusually weird. Anyhow, what you say on this?

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